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Staffordshire Police values apprenticeships and the opportunity for you to “earn whilst you learn”, and we support a number of different apprenticeships from front line police officer roles to a variety of police staff positions.

Forget the stereotypes; apprenticeships offer new routes into policing for all, whether you are a college leaver, career changer or returning to work after a break. Whatever your background, you will bring valuable experience and skills to our organisation which we will take pleasure in using; whilst supporting you to develop in your chosen profession.

What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships allow you to work whilst you study by mixing on-the-job training with formal learning through a partnered learning provider, such as a college. You’ll be employed and will receive a full salary for the hours you work; working alongside experienced staff to do a real job whilst studying for your formal qualification, usually one day a week.

What apprenticeships does Staffordshire Police offer?

At Staffordshire Police, we offer a wide range of apprenticeship opportunities across the Force. At present, we have apprentices undertaking apprenticeships in:

  • IT Support Technician
  • Supervisor / Team Leader
  • Data Analytics
  • Accounts Technician
  • Professional Accounting
  • HR Assistant

Do I get a qualification as part of an apprenticeship?

Yes, qualifications are an important part of any apprenticeship programme. The type and level of qualification will depend on the job you are doing and will require you to attend learning sessions at a college or training centre, in person or on-line. You will also demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the job role through regular assessment both in work and learning provider, which is also part of your training programme.

Will I earn a salary while completing my apprenticeship?

Yes you will! Staffordshire Police believe that all apprentices bring with them valuable insights into work from day 1, so the grade point paid to you whilst you learn is the same as any other colleagues doing the same role. All of our apprentices benefit from earning whilst they learn the role.

What support will I get as an apprentice?

We partner with learning providers that are experts in their field and they are always on hand to support our apprentices throughout their training programme. They can offer personalised assistance and understanding in supporting you at each stage as you progress through the programme, and they guide the learning so that you can understand how it relates to your role and to Staffordshire Police.

In the workplace apprentices are supported by their supervisors who will be available to offer advice and guidance to you when you need it and will work closely with you to share their knowledge and experience. Supervisors are active in meeting with you and your learning provider on a regular basis, making sure you are provided with the right learning opportunities and are getting the most out of your workplace training experience.

What are the benefits?

  • Earning a salary above standard apprenticeship wages (roles specific) whilst you learn a profession, and access to all the benefits of a full staff member
  • Learning programme is fully funded by Staffordshire Police, and you will not need to pay anything back if you leave the organisation for another role once the apprenticeship is completed!
  • Support and guidance offered by the supervisors to ensure that you are able to apply learning in your role and in the workplace
  • Learning within works time – Staffordshire Police provide you with 20% of your working time to focus on your apprenticeship
  • Gaining an externally recognised qualification whilst you work

How old do I have to be to enrol on an apprenticeship and how long does it take to complete?

You have to be at least age 16 and, in some cases, age 18 dependent on the role, however there is no upper age limit on undertaking apprenticeship learning.

Apprenticeships vary in length dependent upon the level of learning; some programmes can take up to 3 years, but are all a minimum of 12 months long. Each role will detail the length of the apprenticeship.

Recruitment timescales can take up to 6 months so you can apply for an apprenticeship while you are still at school, already at college, in a role already or not in work. To start an apprenticeship you will need to:

  • Live in England
  • Not be in full-time education
  • Not be undertaking an apprenticeship currently (unless you are expecting to transfer the apprenticeship to Staffordshire Police)

Can I stay with the police once I complete my apprenticeship?

Staffordshire Police support apprenticeships in temporary and permanent roles.

We are often able to offer apprenticeships on fixed term contracts, so that you can gain a qualification whilst you work within the organisation for a temporary period. Where this is the case, you will receive support to gain a better understanding of your career plan and will have access to the vacancies across the organisation, as full members of staff do.

If you were employed in a permanent position and undertaking an apprenticeship, you would automatically remain in post following completion of the apprenticeship.