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Police Staff

Police staff play an integral role in enabling the force to achieve its vision of a safe and confident Staffordshire.
Over a third of colleagues across the force are police staff working in a number of disciplines to strengthen our capabilities and improve service and outcomes for local communities.

The diverse range of staff roles includes:

  • Investigations
  • Forensics
  • Information Management and Technology
  • Contact Centre
  • Justice Services
  • Finance and Business Support
  • Legal Services (West Midlands)

Working with Staffordshire Fire and Rescue to keep people safe

Some of our departments also support Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS), as part of the shared service arrangement. This was developed when the Staffordshire Commissioner became responsible for the governance of Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service in 2018, in addition to his existing role overseeing Staffordshire Police.

You’ll therefore be working across police and fire, using your skills and expertise to support two different organisations united in the aims of serving the public and keeping them safe.
These include:

  • Estates
  • Procurement
  • Corporate Communications
  • Fleet Services
  • Human Resources
  • Organisational Learning and Development
  • Occupational Health

There is a huge range of opportunities available to people of all backgrounds, skill levels and experiences.

Qualifications and skills and experience

Individual vacancies will identify the skills and/or qualifications required.