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Investigative Officer

If you like getting to the bottom of a mystery by uncovering key evidence this is the role for you.

Investigative Officers work with different teams across the force, providing support on key cases such as road traffic accidents, robberies and murders. In this role, you will be responsible for finding evidence that could bring offenders to justice.

Although this role is an equivalent level to a Detective Constable you will work as a member of Police Staff.

Working as an Investigative Officer you can expect to:

  • Work on interesting and varied cases.
  • Play a key role in sourcing, gathering and presenting evidence.
  • Be part of a wider investigative team.
  • Receive appropriate training to build your skills.

How to become an Investigative Officer

We are looking for people with an educational background in investigations as well as the skills and experience to demonstrate the ability to deal with complex cases.


There are no required qualifications, however, a background within investigations is desirable.

Skills and experience

We need people who are:

  • Keen to have a varied workload on a daily basis.
  • Confident to work with different teams across the force.
  • Able to follow required processes whilst investigating.
  • Good at working as part of a team.
  • Able to ask the right questions to source and gather key evidence.
  • Good at handling complex tasks with an ability to summarise complex information in a concise way.

If you’d like to be an Investigative Officer visit our current vacancies page to see if we have any recruitment opportunities.