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Force Control Room Operator

Working as a Control Room Operator you will help to put people at ease during their moment of crisis, ensuring they remain calm and take key actions.

Operating the 999 and 101 call lines as well as our social and digital contact channels, you will respond to emergency and non-emergency contact covering a range of unpredictable situations.

Working as a Control Room Operator you can expect to:

  • Be the voice of Staffordshire Police, acting as the main contact point for members of the public through the 999 or 101 call system and through the force’s social and digital online reporting capabilities.
  • Receive training to operate the police telephone and computer systems.
  • Act as an investigator to discover relevant information and problem solve.
  • Create or update incident logs for each call – this is crucial so relevant police support can be allocated.
  • Work 8-10 hours shifts.

How to become a Control Room Operator

You don’t need any knowledge of police systems to apply; if you meet the criteria for the post you will receive training before you start to take calls.


You require an English GCSE at grade C or equivalent.

Skills and experience

We need people who are:

  • Confident at using technology to quickly and accurately record information on computer systems.
  • Skilled at call handling including dealing with conflict and negotiation.
  • Able to communicate instructions and ask questions in a clear manner.
  • Good at remaining calm even in stressful and emotional situations.
  • Quick to respond to unpredictable situations.
  • Able to use initiative to ask relevant questions and obtain key information.

We are recruiting

We are currently looking for new Control Room Operators to join our Force Control Room and help keep our communities safe.